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URxlent offers scholarships for our courses through our affiliate Entrusted Legacy, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit.  You can apply for that scholarship through the link provided below.

We also are pleased to give you an opportunity to donate gently used items to Entrusted Legacy for their Thrift Store partner to turn into revenue for the non-profit.  You also have the opportunity to sponsor others to participate in URxlent training.    


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If you're ready to apply for a scholarship, or you want to donate to our non-profit affiliate, Entrusted Legacy, then click on the links under the boxes below.

If you want More Information, please complete the contact information below.

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Charitable Contributions

Scholarship Application

Would you like to take more URxlent courses?  Through our partner, Entrusted Legacy, we are please to offer you a scholarship opportunity.  Please click on the link below.

Gently-Used Donations

Our affiliate, Entrusted Legacy, collects gently-used items to sell in their Thrift Store which then funds the work they do to support youth workers.  Please click on the link below if you have items. 


If you have learned from the URx webinars and professional development, if you are recognizing your potential as an individual, team member, and leader, you may want to give back.  If so, follow the link below.

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“You have to “love” your people.  They are your most important asset.  Your people can lift you up and make remarkable things happen.  Developing a space for each one of them to be amazing creates an incredible team for you to lead.  Thanks URx for helping me put my people first.”

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URxlent offers FREE webinars each month on a variety of topics.  Get regular updates by clicking on the link to the right.