Eager Employees

URxlent, better known as URx, is always on the lookout for dedicated people to join our URx Team.  We hire people who "fit" with our mission and purpose.  We are looking for highly motivated and hard-working people.  We have positions for frontline staff, middle management, and executive leadership positions.


Decision Time

You have a decision to make.  Are you interested in applying for one of our positions OR do you want or need more information?

If you are ready to apply, please follow the link under the pictures below.  If you would like more information, please provide us with your contact information by completing the box below.  We'll put you on our subscriber emailing list. 




URxlent Employee Opportunities

Frontline Staff

Urxlent needs Frontline Staff to ensure we are running efficiently.  We hire administrative assistants, appoinment setters and more.  Please click on the link below and complete and submit the application.  

Middle Management

A strong middle-management team is essential to manage and supervise the work of the URx Team.  Positions include work flow coordinators as well as supervisors.  Please complete and submit the application.

Executive Leadership

Executive Leaders ensure URX is on track to share our expertise with people who are working to become incredible individuals, part of a dynamic team, or an inspiring leader.  Please complete and submit the application.  

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“Learning more about myself has been central to achieving my goals.  First I needed to learn the difference between goals and objectives.  As I reach each of my objectives I’ve learned how to consider and reflect and then determine my next steps so I am closer to accomplishing my goals.  I’ve also learned to give myself permission to make changes and adjustments to my strategies, while not having to change my goals. "

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