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Glorious Give-Aways

URxlent believes in win-win and is proud to provide Glorious Give-Aways for our subscribers.  These Give-Aways include archived videos, mini eBooks, access to Question and Answer webinars, and more.  Please learn more.

Fabulous Freebies

URxlent has promotional items such as pencils, hats, shirts, Tip Sheets and other items to share with our subscribers.  We also have written transcripts of our webinars for those who prefer to learn by reading.  Please learn more.

Philanthropic Outreach

URlent does not take donations directly, but we do put our clients in contact with our affiliate, Entrusted Legacy, which is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit.  They not only accept donations of goods, service, and money, they also offer scholarships.

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Free Stuff supports personal and professional growth for individuals, teams, and leaders.  

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Learners who are in a growth mode and are interested in improving their practice.  

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